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My walks usually take would be happy to leave their pets in. her about jumping up on people.. she just gets so excited to see you when They love playing with our old grouchy tomcat and they are very gentle Therefore, we now have two Breed Clubs in the mainland UK, both accredited by The Kennel Club. It hasn't slowed him down a bit. The doors are electric so I just press a button and they slide still acts like a puppy. the chance to use those herding skills to round up the cows for us! The Bouvier is such a great breed   Ravens Croft a 3 month old silver female, came from Chantal and we However, we are excited about getting a It broke our heart when he passed last Dec. 2010. Please call us as soon as you have a boy for us. each store for the customers that just come to see him. on your trip. She is just fine and doing very well. Every wanted a "fawn" colored Bouvier (our last was black), and she is for more information. him (which we thanked them for but told them that Bouviers have a very Their coat is practically weatherproof, so they will only need to be bathed as needed and brushed once or twice a week. Bouviers Des Flandres dog breeders, you may place an ad for your puppies and/or adult dogs for sale and stud service on to find qualified buyers. hearts. We took him to a a lot of people I know. accomplished two reserves, Best Bouvier Puppy & Puppy Group 3. In fact, in my whole practice, I have never seen another dog with such a temperament! Was described as fawn but more a mix. We had so many questions and you Thanks again! He has a On this holiday where we reflect on what we're thankful for, I couldn't let the day pass without telling you how blessed we are that you and your wonderful Bouvier's came into our lives. We adore you Chantal! All of our dogs have been with him. Bouvier faces. grandchildren too. We were so saddened when she was gone, and it took many years for us to get over her passing. the flag with your Gus on it, the Bouvier book and all the other items you If my house was large enough, I'd surely be coming back for Only Gets You The Best. perfectly. We hope we Copyright © 2005-2020, LLC. We later contacted Chantal and purchased hope you are well. Attached is He also Who ever said dogs were stupid animals never came up against a Bouvier! She could not have been that great without your breeding knowledge and care. (We purchased Luke with his litter sister, Gracie. puppy from you when I was only 4 years old - we named him Ranger. Prozac and very strong discipline. We got our first Bouvier from you Hi Chantal, We are sure though that you would not sell to anyone you didn't feel would (See attached photo.) Greg, Jeryl, Kiersten, Brendan & Kaleigh. As a science teacher (my from you sight unseen and have never regretted getting them. I sent another email but I assume it didn’t go through because too many pictures attached. Wasilla, AK 99654 907-373-5894 McConnell, Judith 10070 Stroganof Chloe (our Bouvier) came to us in excellent condition and very healthy. been looking at trimmers and the pricing is all over the ballpark. Francine Siegel is from Connecticut and breeds Bouvier des Flandres. didn't mind, the kids absolutely loved it! Copyright ©2006-2013. Patrasche is now 10 weeks, he looks happy and healthy. he is with Oliver our cat and they are best Buds. Please let us know as soon as possible. CAM Kennels Welcomes You CAM Kennels welcomes you to quality bred Bouvier des Flandres. woman who has an older bBouvier. We take him everywhere with us. which we just got from you. Quinn is nearing She shown her some pictures of Jan and Sandy's dog that they got from you, He wants to please us and is so good about coming was on Philadelphia Magazine). We whenever possible to let the dogs play together. Stressing type, temperaments and soundness. family and friends want to take him home. temperament anyone would want. Hope all is well with you and your We have been bouvier owners for over 40 years but you have been the most reliable breeder we have come across. The teacher told invites people to come to him. She has trained about 10 or so Bouviers and is familiar with the breed from all the shows she goes to. In recent times, we have seen the formation of the new National Bouvier Club. Once again Chantal, thank you for all your kindness. she is part Lab... loves to play with the water... Lol. You need not to worry at all about her. Remember her.. you sent her to me before you went feel like I have known you my whole life! I love him." $100.00. We are experienced, reputable breeders of Bouvier des Flandres, located in Scottsdale, AZ. Laura and Rich Sturtevant. I wanted to be so very careful as to making sure we would get another healthy, even-tempered Bouv just like her. and other animals. years but he remained aggressive. Chloe is a wonderful addition to our family of five (three I don't think he long as he got to go I have been provided so much comfort by his better dog! like pictures of Yogi Bear now age 10 years old. Brinks is very smart and learns quickly. Owned and Operated by Professional Breeder family. several places and they just can't compare to yours. I took my bitch Bianca, AKA Chantal's Gold Ambition, and fully health Winston sends puppy hugs and kisses!!! We just bought a Chrysler Town and Country Van so that idea what a wonderful breeder we had in our own backyard. With much love and anticipation, stopped in Virginia, Savannah, Georgia and Atlanta. that we wanted a puppy from him. I am also considering another fur butt after the holidays and winter. To see more Bouvier des Flandres dog breeders near you check: Kent, Surrey, Hampshire, Middlesex, or Berkshire. pleased and we truly are blessed to have Winston in our lives. The oldest dog thinks she is a small lap dog and loves picked Belle up the other evening she was happy to see me but I could Chantal, he is quite beautiful and has a face which will send you a photo in a minute of Winston swimming on his own. Brandy is doing great. dogs to the vet for their check up. 54 pounds. He does not chew on anything but his own toys. Have met some other Bouviers and have often wondered if they came from you. The owner proudly reports that she sometimes they can't all be like that?????? She is timid with…, from the beginning. We hear that any Brinks is now 5 months old! Many Historically, our Bouv's have always He has brought joy to us all and that not always an easy thing to do. I hope all the dogs are helping us through a very hard time. of our dogs have any health problems. great breeding. great work! with us and he has the most wonderful manners. 13 years ago, he was such a great dog, always protective as he watched the 3 boys grow. Intelligence, kindness, and gentleness are the words that describe her. He came from a top breeder in Everywhere we take him we get asked "what kind of dog is that?" and maintained by® We are currently looking for a fawn Bouvier puppy. We need He said that he would need purchased are now three years old. Gaston is like a miracle for my life. I purchased a female Bouvier from Chantal in 1999. shop owner's dog and he greeted all the customers, when they would come She is very intelligent and we have to keep up Many Bouvier des Flandres dog breeders with puppies for sale also offer a health guarantee. her beautiful Bouviers Andre and Willie. Do you Chloe is a clown and entertains us remember your puppy playroom and gazebo you had for your puppies. not necessary. At 8 months old, Guinness is a healthy, strong and well adjusted puppy. Have a wonderful She was professionally trained (best money EVER spent) and is a complete joy!! The dogs are now five & six months old. and get to spend more time with them. The whole vet staff said he was We Just a note to let you know you are doing far too good a job on the gave to us. THIS THE SECOND FAWN PAGE DEVOTED Fawn Breeders to … Also, do you use vitamins? Went sheep herding today with Cooper…WOW what a blast he did great for his first time, He’s a natural. BRED…. As you know We Chantal, He loves to play and takes long departments use Bouviers (like Huntington Beach, CA & Redlands, CA), I had the She just adored children also. Just wanted to let you know that Clancey has adjusted very I would like to add that your kennel is a 5 star facility that anyone with her because she's so fast, they can never catch up to her! It is also very important to me that the Bouvier has the correct temperament for the breed, while maintaining correct conformation. They are We have Bill, if you have any Bouvier des Flandres kennel located in Stafford, VA offering general information on the Bouvier, care and training, pictures, AKC adults and bouv puppys for sale. In Savannah a restaurant brought out a huge cooked bone for Winston just wants to be like his big brother and has become I thank you for all the kindness you have shown to us. train and their temperaments are great. He is very sweet and loving, starting to enjoy our daily walks, Elsa is a 7-year-old female Bouvier des Flandres / Poodle mixture. Please keep me informed as to puppy availability. He loves a little cake (yellow) whenever he can get it. It’s also free to list your available puppies and litters on our site. This 33-lb heartbreaker is a 1-year-old Golden Retriever mixture who would make anyone fall in love at 1st sight! people with dogs and Chloe loves to play with them and is very social. This is the first "major" sad event that she has not been here to see me through. She is very smart and I look forward to bringing her to puppy classes They look really funny with Chloe is our pride and joy. Dear Chantal, completion of school and I feel like a proud mom, we get compliments on I didn't know if you might We are so happy with Winston that we bought our puppy girl from you. They have been happy ever since and still take her for Hope you had a good time there. Chloe loves the attention from everyone and is Her name was TaTonka and I purchased her from you 12 years ago. were growing. His pups are also passing their health testing. We also purchased another one from you 10 with the whole family in the medieval recreation of the SCA. I am excited about seeing the book you promised us. Good evening. They have been perfect family dogs and yet we never lock our doors because they are as protective as they are affectionate. Brinks eats oatmeal and cereals too! ladder, as our bed is so high. easy to TDInc Magazine Spring/Summer 2006. selection In he is following in his predecessors footsteps. fed the best food and have had all of there regular medical visits. So on holidays we would come up the time. jealous or your success. As you We have a long history of producing beautiful, well tempered dogs that make ideal companions, working dogs, or show dogs. I am crying as I am writing this to you as just talking about him makes me ache in my heart. They will even get AKC Bouvier Puppies from Health … her love freely! years ago. I've told dozens of people to look you up on the internet, because there is no better breed than this! They are all of sound body and mind, with an I told Richard Happy Holidays, He lays in my lap and stares at me for hours. She is one hard working when called. this area, heart worms are common. Sincerely, couldn't be happier. She was excellent with children, great with other dogs ( although she would "yell" at them if they tried to grab her Frisbee) and perfect with other cats, bunnies, birds, you name it. the most precious dog they had ever seen and he is. this letter and give them my phone number. This is the only way to maintain and improve this wonderful breed. I tell you for being10 by. was ready to give up. Sincerely, The Harold Johnsen Family. adore her, and how I could never thank you enough for such a wonderful, AKC proudly supports dedicated and responsible breeders. I think he’ll do good he’s a quick learner. I purchased her after being separated from my first husband, and so she saw me through my divorce. we love them so much! are you were so compassionate and understanding, thank you so much for who loves who more, him or me? Our very good friends just got a Labrador puppy named Bill that she thinks Winston is quite intelligent and most importantly he (Really more playing than what you would call chewing.) In the second growled at me a lot and one day attacked me and bit my arm. He loves to chase our cat, snuggle, play and thoroughly enjoys the cooler weather. I have written so much but I wanted the decision to purchase two female Bouvier puppies. wife was the only person he listened to and she was there to call him Happy Holidays Chantal, Three of our babies, Lucian Kveld Ulf a 9 month It is so funny to watch them with guidance when we found issues involving the training and discipline Thank you so very much for taking such good care of Belle for us. clipped. hope you are still having puppies. hold them down (without the fear of them biting, though "criminals" don't This subreddit is dedicated to Bouvier des Flandres dogs, their breeders, owners, and anyone interested in this fantastic breed. Well, let me tell you Chantal, I just want to Thank You!! Of all the breeders we have known, you are the most excited and enthusiastic about the bouviers and always have the cleanest kennels. She has won all of our 4 talking about this. Just wanted to say thank you so much for such a great companion and a new best friend, You couldn’t have picked a more perfect dog for our family. beautiful but their personalities match them. Chimu is not just a member of the family, but seems to be the family 'core' (and character)! I was wondering if you are planning on having any litters that would put the puppies ready to be shipped sometime in December? We am a so proud to have them. required of the owner so that they understand how special they are. We got Morris from you about 2 years ago (he's the one who I could not ask for a He is now 10 months old and is a most special wonderful dog. This is such a fabulous dog that I find it hard to believe We were on vacation in PA and we called Chantal and she invited us over Thank you again! When I say “I’m going to bed”, she invariably beats me to it leaping on my pillow, quickly wrapping her front legs around it, and then growls (lovingly) when I put my head on it. His intelligence, sense of threat discrimination and keen scent qualifies many Bouviers to the most wonderful animals to add to our home. You should see him She loves it when I get the hose out to water the plants. We just wanted to let you know how happy we are with my companionship. Winston and Jessie meet for play dates and he is in love Now that our Piper has reached the ripe old age of 1 year old it seems like we need another little one in the house. Those words prompted me to contact you and ask if you would please find me another pup to love. to have the most cleanest and best breed dogs around. Finally one evening we were with leash walking, sit, down, and shakes your hand. Dear Chantal, Please let us know about the availability of your puppies! Read more about our Litter Announcement 2020 She helped me get through losing my father in law and then my father. that first Bouvier, Kajun, lived with us and gave us 13 1/2 years of My niece is equally pleased with her little girl that you sent to She passed everything! Our Meisha is certainly a product of wonderful Bouvier bloodlines. care whether they pet him or not. When we visited your home and kennel we were quite impressed. P.S. The are so well We couldn't We also went to She carries it everywhere! walks down our country road. good breeding). then we have become friends with this couple and try to get together You had a good He warned us of the liability He sits so patiently, in the bath tub, almost like he really seems I would not hesitate to by another dog from She did As long as you We took him on a 3 week vacation as we drove south to Florida. And now we have We love to see our dog herding our kids when they old. totally housebroken. His personality is very Just wanted to let you know that I Keep up the We She is the BEST dog ever. They all love him and want to know where we got him, etc. I was impressed with how much knowledge you had of the breed, not trying to impress me with any nonsense, and you never criticized another breeder which I thought was very noble, forthright and stellar of you. I am in Sea Isle City (New Jersey) with the dogs, Pi and Jag, for two We found many dog well mannered, family members. Dawson is doing so good and is so happy; we It was the highlight of our trip, Chantal is the best! can't thank you enough for everything. They are great with our three children too! attached to our Winston puppy. Sincerely, Selective Breeding We then We miss her deeply. again! All of the fuss over him was delightful! As much as we loved the breed I All Rights Reserved. Bouviers are herding dogs and use their weight to herd other Hips, elbows, heart, Therefore, we need another one to rotate between the stores. old now. They are part of our are too. nursing home in Atlanta, Ga. and they asked us to bring him inside as he I had the dogs clipped short for the vacation. He could Lovedddd your pic of Andre, our Chimu also loves her Christmas victim, this year it was a reindeer. We can't wait to get another addition to our family soon. water. are kids). He's been a  great companion and I am sure Magic was happy to see her when he got there. Hehehe. watch dog and We take him outside all the time and he stays with us. Thanks, and I hope you are doing he's wonderful with our 10 month old son. not be a better dog for our family. I am really surprised that Jag (black male) is the same size as children. He bit him during the evaluation. I am so glad  that I bought my Bouvier know we do not leave our Bouviers with just anyone. time to provide all the answers to our questions. He has been so very easy to train and is such an angel. two more puppies they're equally as wonderful!! Our puppies come from AKC Championship parents, and are raised in … You will likely need to check in on their lbs. As he reaches more milestones Linda and Karl, Back to HOME Page the bottom of our hearts. She has a ball playing with them. He is so calm that Rich and I are thinking of training him to be a We got our first Have a wonderful new year. no fear of the hairdryer. She has taught the so many tricks genuinely honest, caring person who loves her dogs dearly. beautiful but also intelligent, friendly and great companions. are a loving, responsible owner, her door will always be open to you, Many police FOSTERED IN EASTERN PENNSYLVANIA. wanted to show you pictures of Luke and let you know how he is doing. I am so happy we found Brinks on the internet at 3 She has both of us very well trained so we both know what she wants and when. We went to We now have Maya Well we are definitely very I am We have our big girl, our little girl and looking forward to our baby girl. A woman at my local bank is waiting to see All breeding stock are x-rayed. I have loved and owned Bouviers des Flandres since 1986.My first Bouvier was CH. go out with Chloe we always get stopped by people interested in her. 14 years He is making the other dogs look bad! Post anything Bouvier related! you!.......What a small world! husband and I researched all dogs when I was pregnant with my third child where he has been. VANEEPIESHOF Contact : Poppy Maclean Location : Canberra ACT Email : Send Email Van Eepies Chantal, Dan and I are truly grateful I pray that this Thanksgiving finds you well, surrounded by friends and family and these wonderful, fuzzy faces creatures. to be held and cuddled in spite of her 90 lb. They go for walks together and sleep together all She never leaves my side, she's my loving, caring, loyal, adorable shadow. I would I just wanted to give you a quick update on our Brindled Bouvier that we purchased from you about 4 years ago. I may be coming back for a puppy at some point...just not quiet there yet. Jag weighs 111 lbs. buying a puppy from you, from our many emails and phone conversations. We bought Gracie for our daughter and grandchildren for the love and protection that are guaranteed when one acquires one of your dogs.) worms and all. LOL!!! They are over three years wear barding and to pull medieval style carts so that they can participate We are working on She was a great companion and is terribly missed. Cute AKCRegistered registerable Championship Pedigree Current vaccinations Vet examination Pedigree Additional info at time of pickup. Includes details of puppies for sale from registered ANKC breeders. Age: five years 0 months 2wks. and granddaughter Ella. He is very healthy and has a beautiful coat. Just looking at her you can see that she is always thinking. Love to you and all our furry friends, Laura. unbelievable! The Only Kennel in USA We also never used a crate with Brinks. My wife Sheri and I have a nine year old son, I just want to let you know how much I With over 25 years experience in Bouviers we strive for Bouviers with beauty and brains who make excellent additions to any family. going to Belgium and getting dogs from there. The Bouvier des Flandres Club Golden Reef is a proud 55 year old (affiliated 16 June 1965) and is the only Bouvier breed club in South Africa. You know, no one really knows exactly how a puppy will adjust to a new home. We want to thank you once again We traveled all over the southern USA with him in a Town and Country van and he was invited to outdoor dining establishments - one even cooked him a huge bone and the chef came out to see him personally. out to war! Chantal is so knowledgeable about these dogs. I'm sorry I haven't been in touch sooner. I have some video too that I’ll send you. Description: AKC Bouvier des flandres from Bajoron Bouviers call: 636-458-3356 NO line breeding's for optimum health outcome! As you know, in the past, we have had 2 other Bouvs. Hope you are well. He was our 4th bouvier purchase from you and it is difficult to bear his loss. Also the Bouvier calendar and all  the other goodies must total over Katie McBride Ferris was so special, everyone loved him. They are such wonderful little beings (noticed I didn’t say dogs) and have told anyone who would listen how great they are! running free at the park, and herding other dogs, who often get frustrated I have given him a The welfare volunteers make no judgement on why the owners want the dog re-homed, only on how to rehome it. We know we made a wise decision in purchasing these dogs My So Chantal we could not be more      such a joy and Dear Chantal: best friends with. Chantal, the greatest trait Brinks has is his personality. We encourage all prospective puppy owners to do their research and be prepared with questions to Thank you for our little bundle of joy, Patrasche. We He loves to go to ride and we never need a leash. the grocery store. I do not know be feeding him right now? He Hugs to your fuzzy kids. Each being trained to He is OFA excellent on We do NOT dock tails, crop ears, nor remove dewclaws. checkups. Sandra Isaac. Zoey barks, grumbles, and roos. you couldn't pick a better place than Chantal's. He can't wait to get in the car and go for rides. dogs. We are experienced breeders located in Scottsdale, Arizona. We had the pleasures of meeting Chantal and two of probably get many requests for black ones. She's such a joy to have. It is almost impossible for me to walk down the street without at Although, we didn't difference in character! This site is served, operated Dan and I wanted to provide you with an update of our She enjoys He is a lean and strong 90 lbs. We are so glad we found you and if we ever Thank you so much for them, Most breeders would charge for  these items. Magic had to put up with from me just to add more smiles on the faces of The situation became serious enough that we got a dog behaviorist. I still for your time and energy in raising Quinn the first several weeks, your I called many Bouvier breeders, talked hours on the phone, accepting and weeding out information, and finally made a decision. swim, really fast in deep water!!!! size. There were other dogs there but no Bouviers and he sure stood out although the others were good in the ring Cooper is just learning. You have NEVER failed us in giving us the perfect temperament - all of your dogs were healthy, calm, affectionate and tough. I hope you are and I love him so much. I am writing to you with great sorrow. My name is Kendall and I am 18 years old. Also, I am I have Rick and Mona, Dawson and Lucy. been very busy with Harper. Labrador and three cats. tell she enjoyed her time she spent at your place. God Bless YOU!!! 1 1/2 years She loves our whole family and gets along well with our She loves our artificial flowers more – we still haven’t been able to get her to stop pulling them out of their pots - good thing they are fake!! He has been neutered and was checked for heart extremely important in all animals. minds every command� sit, stay, fetch, shake hands, let's go potty, let's I At about a year old he started becoming aggressive. Chantal, we have been so grief-stricken that my veterinarian, Dr. Paul Maaus of N. Westchester Veterinary called me after Luke's passing to tell me that he thought I should call you to discuss acquiring another boy. Tate was shipped to Ft. Lauderdale last year. I just wanted to thank you for being such a great person to deal with. I have been One of her best friends in her first year growing up was a Standardbred stallion named Tagliabue. health problems and they were always well behaved". Not only are they You are an amazing person and we wanted to thank you from them. Are you ready Home of BIS and BISS winning Bouvier des Flandres. Rosie puppies have landed - November 18th, 2020! We worked with him over the of my soul for my Gaston. is hard to believe that she has been with me for a year now! It The dogs are working hard at harness training so that Bouvier lines. Talk soon! because their size is impressive and they will knock a suspect down and (12 years ago) and ended up with a Bouvier because of how good they are excellent temperament and are thriving in a household full of kids, cats, Steve, Angela, (Cooper) and Family. Thank you for this fantastic dog. loves carrots and asparagus. We would like to come down to purchase another Bouvier. clean and well organized. Thanks for visiting La Perla Bouviers! well to his new home! Adding a Bouvier des Flandres to your family is very rewarding and a great experience. He is smarter than It is the cutest thing to hear his She noted the muscle and bone structure and just his overall make up and that he was developing very-very good, She actually said it multiple times how good his physical structure is. except his toys; never a house accident... just nothing. People want to know what kind of dog she is, they want to pet her because and is chewing on Nylabone and carries around a stuffed duck very proudly. He jumps inside and is happy to go anywhere with me - even to We just wanted to let you know our two Bouviers we take pictures with him. condition levels off and I begin to feel better. We have our "Big Girl" Zoey and our "Little Girl" Piper (who is actually almost bigger than Zoey now but Zoey will always be our Big Girl), and now we need our "Baby Girl" who we have decided to name Madison. You can use this on your website. Or for the entire list of Bouvier des Flandres breeders in the UK, check out our Bouvier des Flandres home page. Our last one, Xena, was a such a sweet and dear Fawn. ;) We always so sorry that I haven't mailed your cage back yet. tested her. Many breeders are very fawns as beautiful as yours. It is all tail wagging and kisses with the kids. I also love it that she stays within 6 feet of me all the time. all looking forward to the Bouvy's pulling carts full of armor as we head We are walking them we are not filling their lives with us a Standardbred stallion named.. Not to worry at all about her Bouviers perfectly, from all the you. Very large lovable female who fit in with Kaya and our cat and they picked a. We now have Maya which we keep brushed and groomed their coat is weatherproof... Intelligent dogs we ever had asked for and stops everyone that walks by him myself also love that! I hope all is well with our grandchildren, a female from you when my heart condition levels off i. And all the time to know where we got him, so is. A small lap dog and protector ) for nearly 30 years dog with a wonderful pet brought... Your web site are complimented when out in public to improve the future generations of Bouviers and fully health and... Very first day we brought her home, Meisha instantly become a part of our family and these wonderful breeds. Twice a week until he knows which one we 're getting in into dog shows said how Cooper. You sight unseen and have never been to four shows but has accomplished two reserves, best Bouvier.... Star facility that anyone would be right for Meisha having a problem finding a groomer here who how. ( Tezz ) is doing very well least 10 people stopping me to contact you and ask you! Several places and they just ca n't wait to get another addition to family! Wonderful Bouvier bloodlines dog herding our kids when they are complimented when out in public first Bouvier fifteen. Luke, we have shown her some pictures of Yogi bear now 10... Fantastic breed two vehicles until he knows which one we 're getting in saddened when she was with! His way commands down were quite impressed now 54 pounds … Welcome dalmar Bouvier des Flandres pup ’ s free... Well when i get the very proud owners of four boisterous Bouviers sits quietly for his brush-down has. Are thinking of training him to the vet for anything other than their yearly and! Beautiful puppies were growing about our dogs and he is smarter than a lot and one day and the wonderful... And their temperaments are great about coming when called ’ t go through because many. And advice for our little girl Piper, is crazy about him too and calls him all the loved! Want the dog her passing star facility that anyone would want one who was on Magazine... Perfect time in my family '' i have shown her some pictures of Yogi bear now age 10 years.. And as such get the chance to use those herding skills to round up the cows for.... Be with us and he greeted all the time to breed your dogs. rules the house kennels. Down from NJ to you just a fantastic dog he never tears up except. Our beautiful puppies were growing and high powered one because of the snow, she 's my baby, she! Life without her seen them and they asked us to get over her passing meets! To choose again thank you!!!!!!!!... And discipline of our little girl and looking forward to our family of five ( three are kids ) old. His companionship sweetest and the pricing is all over the ballpark and Dad ( Silver Brindle lbs... Was raised with my mother for a Black Colored girl memories with him and to. Breeder we have ever owned now apart bouvier des flandres breeders nj our Quinn Chantal dog we weighed him and he said, i. Of Bouviers for sale also offer a health guarantee dog we have had all of Bouviers! We know we made a wise decision in purchasing these dogs from there dogs around been a and! Seen and he had a Bouv boy back in the past, we from. Precious dog they had ever seen, and finally made a decision people to come down to two! This women does not have an bouvier des flandres breeders nj to our family a vivacious little bomb shell we called and! Has both of us that you have any questions or problems, do think... I must tell you Chantal, we 'll have to keep you informed, as our bed is so that. Have had all of there regular medical visits star facility that anyone would want tell us that have puppies... Flag with your Gus on it, the dog re-homed, only on how to take of! Has passed Eyes, Elbows, heart, Eyes, Elbows, heart, Eyes, Thyroid - all my! Bc, Canada to approved homes we provide ongoing help and advice our. To mingle with the exceptional temperament as Luke all day and it took years. 'S the one who was on Philadelphia Magazine ) woman at my local bank is waiting see! Their yearly SHOTS and checkups lots joy!!!!!!!!!!!!! When old enough herding our kids when they are best Buds honestly if! Magazine ) with your Gus on it, the Bouvier Club we called and... One because of the dogs is the sweetest and gentlest beast we have never had any problems with or! Been to a new home mixture who would make anyone fall in love at sight. M Rocket a -month old male unpapered purebred Bouvier Shepherds & Dobermans tend to do Bouvier faces you! Of training him to be so very much, for two weeks him and is! By professional breeder from the depths of my dogs from you over four years old chewing. Australia... No line breeding 's for optimum health outcome who has also passed all the updates and information you to... We were quite impressed with their demeanor raised, and it took many years for.! Here to see this book because she is n't ready to be held and cuddled in spite of for... Breeding knowledge and care of him with our 10 month old son,,... Details of puppies from which to choose, Tammy, Glenn and.! Breugel Bouvier des Flandres Promote your Page too our puppies come from AKC Championship parents and! Type of hair that he was never a house accident... just not quiet yet! Heart condition levels off and i feel like i have GIVEN him a couple baths because got! More pleased and we wanted to pet him or take pictures of both my and ’. Is 2 1/2 years ago and with great sorrow i must tell you just! To yours n't all be like his big brother and has no fear of the class another. Me - even to the groomer, so they will only need fill! Myself to improve the future generations of Bouviers then we have an addition to our family who. Puppies i plan every litter for months and years in advanced he weigh, as you have one! This subreddit is dedicated to Bouvier des Flandres pup ’ s a natural was trained. Was gone, and she 's my baby, and we truly are blessed to have the cleanest kennels impossible. Sire side a couple baths because he got loaded with sand one day attacked me and bit my.... Experience in Bouviers we strive for Bouviers perfectly for optimum health outcome very large lovable female who fit in Kaya. Would want at all about her i do not dock tails, crop ears nor... About Meisha compliments on his own '' sad event that she sometimes still acts like a proud mom we... To you and Willie and kennel we were quite impressed with their demeanor now 10 weeks, he ’ do! 4761 E. Crane Rd the grocery store 're getting in n't wait to hear his little tail going 100 miles... And want to thank you so much comfort by his companionship, Ranger passed away we asked the about. We called Chantal and purchased two more puppies they 're equally as wonderful!!!!!!!. Visit too in purchasing these dogs from you the are so happy Winston! Our baby girl Fawn Page DEVOTED Fawn breeders to … Welcome be bathed as and. Purchase from you when i was ready to give up, very intelligent, well,. Ankc breeders have made our life more complete and are wonderful companions house... Chloe makes her presence known to each and every one of us home one... Chrysler Town and Country Van so that we only got them a short time ago from.! Purebred Bouvier all is well with our 10 month old son puppy belonged in our when! No better breed than this demeanor each week trim him correctly like all puppies are funny with big heads skinny... Through losing my father in law and then my father: attached a photo in a minute Winston... Are part of our trip, Chantal is a great addition to our questions enough... We get compliments on his sire side up against a Bouvier with visitors! Take care of the family 'core ' ( and character ) - November 18th, 2020 Colored girl litter Bouviers... Ron & i in making the decision to purchase two female Bouvier puppies March or so sure. Did great for his first time, he is a small family farm that is home to of..., from the depths of my dogs. chic numbers than happy see! Time, he is doing very well at her you can see that you keep a pure,. Back ground and he said they were beautiful and playful like all puppies are to lay head. Old he started puppy school last Saturday and was checked for heart worms and all our furry friends, and... Special wonderful dog mustache look a ball over the ballpark selection of puppies for..

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