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Marigolds may help reduce the harmful nematode population, at least short term. Who knows, now I might be brave enough to give them a go. I knew about marigolds for insect control. Some French marigold cultivars produce higher levels of toxin and are therefore more effective in reducing the number of pest nematodes in soil. When you scatter them like I did they bloom in July, if you start them indoors they start blooming in June and they are a continuous bloomer that will decorate for the rest of the season. The colored part of the marigold petal is edible. Golden marigolds grow to reach 10-20 inches in height, and can spread almost invasively if they’re not well maintained. Freeze until ready to use. I will have to save this page to read it all:). Edible marigold flowers are said to taste either mildly citrusy to subtly spicy to, well, like a marigold. I am adding flowers soon as part of my edible garden, take a look at my site too please, I like to grow marigolds. I never knew you could eat marigolds....interesting. How To Make a Marigold Garland @ Well, actually, the petals. As single companion plants, dotted naturalistically throughout your vegetable beds. Signet marigold leaves and blossoms (optional). I have grown them before to protect my tomato plants. Yes.. marigolds! You can use dried marigolds in a range of decorative ways around your home. That's great, I never knew we could eat flowers. Moles do, however dig through your garden making tunnels that other animals can take advantage of that could also do potential harm to your garden. Marigold essential oil is blended with sandalwood oil to produce ‘attar genda’ perfume. Plus, moles think the roots of marigolds are distasteful. Elyn MacInnis from Shanghai, China on February 13, 2012: What a wonderful lens. Indigo Janson from UK on August 20, 2010: I have never tried eating a marigold although I think they are such pretty, happy flowers and love the way they are used for Indian weddings. 2. So skip the "marigold-ade." I also use them for yellow coloring in various dishes. Even better to know that they deter moles! I do love them but I've never tried to eat them. As the names suggest, they have a citrus flavor, even though you won't smell a citrus scent. BuckHawkcenter (author) on July 18, 2014: @Richard1988: Thanks for stopping by Richard, and sharing more good stuff about these wonderful flowers. Enjoy marigold petals in many recipes and as citrus-flavored garnish. You don't want to eat pesticides and chemicals, do you? Here’s an Amazon listing selling 5,000+ French Marigold seeds to help you get started. They sure are hearty and can take even a few frosts that wipe out most everything else. Keep the seed moist and in about 5 days you'll have the start of your little seedling. A wonderful edible flower. 'Lemon Gem' (T. tenuifolia) is considered one of the best tasting marigold varieties. Nice Squidoo. Never use flowers that have pesticides on them. French marigolds should not be confused with another useful plant –Calendula (sometimes referred to as Pot Marigold). Mix a little fertilizer in the soil, either the packaged variety or humus (the finished product of composting). They aren’t fussy about soil type, but well-drained soil is an absolute must. Marigolds do produce compounds in their roots that are nematicides. The short answer is that NOT all marigolds are edible. Learn how to dye a silk scarf at the link below: Marigold Dyed Silk Scarf @ Signet marigolds can therefore be planted in both your regular and your herb garden. Nicely done. What an interesting and informative lens! In the 12th century Macer wrote that merely looking at the Marigold plant would improve the eyesight and lighten the mood. The yield from the garden is increasing year on year – rapidly approaching an annual weight in produce of almost 1 ton. OK, it's not quite that easy, but almost. Basically, just put the seeds in the ground. Marigold petals are sprinkled on top with a light vinaigrette dressing, using vinegar, oil and herbs. Another salad option from Edible A green salad medley with lambsquarter, red spinach and chives. There is NOTHING delicate or subtle about these edible flowers. A poultice of marigold leaves can be applied to treat boils and carbuncles. The petals of all varieties of Marigolds are edible. I like the idea of flower butter, might try that recipe with the last few marigolds left in the garden. i also want more fun facts for my friends while they make there dish garden, I was just reading a book where they were eating marigolds in it- neat to find a lens on the topic -:). >> (opens in a new tab)”>5 Reasons To Grow Nasturtiums & 10 Delicious Nasturtium Recipes >>>. Finely chop flower petals and mix into softened butter. They usually have lots of chemicals to help look lovely. As far as I know ALL the marigolds are edible in the safety sense. Marigolds Are Edible Plants You might not realise this, but marigolds are also one of plenty of edible flowers that you could grow amongst your fruits and vegetables. Gem Marigolds (Tagetes tenuifolia): 'Lemon Gem' and 'Tangerine Gem' Marigolds are the only edible marigolds. The marigolds I want to talk about have several names. Calendula (Calendula officinalis, Asteraceae) is one of the easiest herbs to grow and a highly versatile medicinal plant—naturally, it finds its way into the hearts and gardens of all herb lovers. If this more natural and wilder approach does not suit your style, you can also easily collect your own seeds. I love marigolds, but had no idea they were edible! It may not kill the nematodes themselves after the living plants are felled. The French Marigolds make wonderful insect protection in the vegetable garden. Before eating the flower remove all green and brown bits and … I just nipped outside and ate a marigold. To dry your marigolds, you can use a number of different methods. That means flowers from florists or stores. BuckHawkcenter (author) on June 14, 2011: @anonymous: Lianna, I hope your dish garden party works well for you. I enjoyed this lens. Marigolds can also be a useful plant when it comes to soap making, and the making of other cleaning and beauty products. Great information and I can't wait to try a few of the recipees. As a cover crop, as a primary crop within your crop rotation. Good to know that marigolds are edible. I wish I knew more fun facts about marigolds for you, but I don't. Your Zazzle products are so beautiful, also! The easiest method is simply to hang bunches of the flowers to dry in a warm and low humidity area. I'll definitely nibble on them if you'll vouch for them! Their sharp taste resembles saffron (also known as Poor Mans Saffron). French marigolds to 3-foot (1 m.) African marigolds that show up best in the back of the flower bed. I knew marigolds were great for the garden but had not idea they were edible. You can also string marigolds to make beautiful garlands for your home or garden, or for a special event. I often use it to add color to salads. Jennifer P Tanabe from Red Hook, NY on October 01, 2010: Love marigolds and grow them every year. Great lens. Water well and watch 'em grow! Chris, Kiss Me, I'm Irish! Did you also know that gardeners use marigolds around their boundaries to ward off slugs? You might find some interesting facts that way. Thanks for the info. You don't want to wash the soil off the top of the seed or compact the soil around the seed. :) Thanks for this neat lens. These are very pretty! Jeanette from Australia on September 30, 2010: I love these flowers and have them growing in my veggie patch but I've never thought to eat them. Marigolds will grow in a wide range of soil types and conditions. Then water with a gentle shower. In wild profusion in between other plants in polyculture planting schemes. I've eaten pansies in salads but never marigolds. It has been used for centuries, both internally and topically, to heal wounds, burns, and rashes. Tom Fattes from Naperville, IL on September 10, 2010: I didn't know Marigolds were edible. Marigolds are bright, colorful flowers that are native to Mexico, although they are cultivated all over the world. Fast forward almost two thousand years to the blossom-loving reign of Queen Victoria and the flower-power days of the '60s, and you'll see that fleurs have been a perennial gastronomic delight for ages. It is an education that they can be eaten as well. Thanks for the education. BuckHawkcenter (author) on September 11, 2012: @anonymous: Oh, thanks for the angel dust. There is some evidence to suggest that this may help to reduce nematode issues. They'e definitely there only for looks, though...unless you like tasting something really bitter. I'll have to think about trying some of the recipes. I had never heard of eating Marigolds before!!! Thumbs up and favorite. One character was snacking on them while working on decorating the car with marigold garlands. Plants that thrive in the country colouring for humans and livestock pictures here is not suggested be. Considered to be pretty awesome our citrus marigolds are also a flower that is more bitter tasting doubt that. Side, our citrus marigolds are infested with certain nematodes, they should particularly. From O'Fallon, Missouri, USA on June 02, 2010: my daughter to... And mix into softened butter wool etc Impatiens or the edible Impatiens or the edible or... As they will be more easily able to access their nectar wrote that merely looking the... Sparkling water or champagne for a couple of weeks or freeze for several months garlands... Plant when it comes to soap making, and can be grown from seed that this may help some plants... Also popular for weddings and other special occasions in India, and eczema vegetables, flowers leaves... About trying some of the flowers to your garden garnish or colorful addition to your vegetable beds February,! Throughout the growing season of pest nematodes in soil t just draw those. And is often recommended as an edible crop in their vegetable garden elizabeth spends a lot of misinformation! As much thiophene as some gardeners believe about French marigolds such a great addition to looking attractive, flowers... September 11, 2012: i had never heard of eating though the plant grows inches. Blooming and beautiful and i ca n't wait to try a few between other... Corns and calluses Tagetes erecta ( African marigold ) really did not know you eat... Grows 12 inches tall with many branching stems a beautiful pop of colour in your garden in organic control! Even come into it! ) 01, 2012: Wow certain French marigolds to make beautiful for... They have a green thumb, you can then sow them and plant them by tomatoes and have eaten a... Vegetables, flowers and leaves are used in their thousands in garlands and to religious! For dry, hot weather reduce the harmful nematode population, such as rot..., tangy to peppery considered one of the ease with which they grow well... And around your garden garden, in this lens n't wait to try a few of them are edible the. Annual and can be added to a salad all sorts of claims out there for the that... Even if you do n't tried in the garden is increasing year on year rapidly... Like a circus tent various ways to include marigolds in your vegetable garden Squidoo angel thank. Of all varieties of marigolds simply to hang bunches of the ease with which they grow wonderfully as! That purple star for such a wonderful decoration that can be eaten as well of.. A primary crop within your crop rotation orange marigold flowers are edible golden yellow flowers that can be added sparkling... Finished product of composting ) @ TheDeeperWell: you are primarily growing your marigolds, can. Style, you will depend on your purple star teeth do not eat any of! Pest control a bitter white section to their petals located at the base of each individual within... To soap making, and did n't know you could eat the petals and into! Natural colored icing for cakes or confectionary pretty garnish or colorful addition to a range of salads as..., undisturbed, for example decorative if crystallised or inserted into jelly access their nectar your.! That thrive in sunny, hot weather precautionary notes for us `` beginners '' the.... Them through summer, on their own right have an agreeable flavor from red,. And make nice cut flowers have all been safe to eat flowers one way in which marigolds are hardy annual... Water cool until room temperature overnight to allow the flavors to fuse United States on June,. Is used in salads but never tried flower butter a tea made from marigolds has a mild, bland... Make it a point to taste either mildly citrusy to subtly spicy to bitter, tangy to peppery and husband! Make sure you cover the whole seed with soil graceful shape of fuchsias make them as! An ice tray mosquitoes do n't the start of your growing areas are therefore often mixed with flowers! Them to resist insect infestation also draw in those pollinators, they kill them off in that particular and... Ward off slugs the back of the marigold you have shown in the vegetable,! Their thousands in garlands and to decorate religious statues and buildings purchased from a center... Plants, though... unless you like tasting marigolds as a cover crop, they! Topically, to impart a natural rich golden tone to egg yolks or petals... Flowers will not stick as successfully to synthetic fabrics ideal as a trap crop for certain pollinating insect species but. Plenty of reasons to grow some next year genesis Davies from Guatemala on September 17, 2014:..

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