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This is a calming and peaceful crystal, even if one just considers its colors alone. Chakras: Base, Red Phantom Quartz EARTH HEALERSRed Phantom Quartz is a powerful Earth healer like all other phantom crystals. This stone will also expose the relationships surrounding you that are dragging you down, and any toxic influences in your life will find their true colors exposed for all to see. It purifies and opens up the heart allowing us to express our emotions. Chakra: Sacral & Solar Plexus. If you wish to improve your health make use of the information. As well as soothing headaches and joint pain, Amethyst also has an aura of tranquillity about it. Sometimes all the energies and crystals in the world can’t change a bad situation as immediately as we need, and so we instead need to endure a process through to its completion before we can end it. We also explore how it promotes the flow of energy through your body, soul, and even home – as well as how it affects your capacity to open the heart to more far-reaching concepts like astral travel. Healing: A powerful cleanser, useful in treating and getting to the bottom of long standing illnesses, helps with depression, fatigue, headaches and stress related illnesses Chakras: Solar Plexus, Third Eye & Crown, Amazonite INTUITION & HOPEThe stone of hope. Chakras: Base, Sacral &Solar Plexus, Pyrite Cube PROTECTION: Pyrite is known as a stone of protection, it wards of negativity energy and physical danger as well as stimulating the intellect. Crystals are minerals formed underground from three-dimensional repeating patterns of atoms. It promotes healing of respiratory problems, releasing impurities from the body. Crystals and gemstones are a part of the primeval earth. These can be cuts off a larger natural formation or a striking centerpiece that accentuates the energies of the stone. Its grounding and stabilizing energies will be beneficial during times of stress. It is known as the bringer of light and is excellent for meditation, directing energies with more intensity allowing you to connect to your high self and seek out our spiritual purpose. But you need the means to understand these stones as they behave in the present day, too. It can enhance your dreams, allowing you to awaken hidden knowledge and become who you really are. It’s a stone of faith and of belief in something beyond oneself. If you feel like people have been walking all over you or exploiting your generosity for too long, Onyx might be able to help you stand firm. Golden Calcite is excellent for meditation and attuning your mind to the higher planes and induces a deeper sense of relaxation. This is a versatile stone, with plenty to offer all areas of life. Mother of Pearl, which is also known as nacre, is an iridescent layer of material that makes up the lining of many mollusks. Amazonite is often seen as a stone of bravery – apt perhaps, when one considered Amazonian warriors! Likewise, if your life has become a little humdrum and boring, you can see it as if anew with the influence of the vibrations of Rhyolite. Healing: Stimulates healing of the muscles and bones, relieves headaches and migraines, helps blood pressure and cholesterol, aids in releasing fear, anxiety and stress, aids in sleep disorders, helps protect against heart conditions and inflammation. It soothes the nerves and enhances willpower. Quartz crystals have … It helps calm the mind, allowing expression of the individuals will and assists in reaching out to others. Discover the wonderful world of stones and their meanings with pictures. Healing: Encourages a large amount of light to encircle your body healing on many levels. Chakras: Throat & Crown, Chevron Amethyst SPIRITUALITY & INTUITION Amethyst is the stone of spirituality and contentment; it bestows stability, strength, inner peace. Agate works because it connects you to a broader perspective, and it helps you to see the pros and cons of any given situation. Chakras: All (aligning), especially the Throat, Blue Lace Agate PURIFICATION & COMMUNICATION Blue Lace Agate gently opens and expands the consciousness, stimulating intuitive and spiritual insight, encouraging creativity and confident expression. Chakra: Crown, Epidote RECOVERY AND REGENERATION This is a stone that can encourage recovery and regeneration after a severe illness. We list the healing properties of the stones for your ease in finding your perfect crystal or mineral. Healing: Balances emotions, reduces headaches, aids the digestive organs, spleen, pancreas, and colon. If you are looking for a particular birthstone you can find the birthstones for each month in the list below or more about birthstones here: Getting to the bottom of crystal meanings and understanding how to make those energies work for you is the guiding mission of Moonstone is especially good for healing rifts in romance, and also encouraging new lovers to open their heart to one another. Healing: Helps release suppressed emotions, used in Reiki healing, allows for deep relaxation, helps overcome anxiety, worry and fear, aids in treating respiratory problems like asthma. Jade offers wisdom and abundance to those willing to work with its energies, and it can open your eyes to the innate duality of life. Here is our guide to the most commonly used precious and semi-precious gemstones, crystals, and minerals and a list of their metaphysical symbolism, healing properties, powers, and spiritual meaning. Aragonite is an earth healer and grounding stone attuned to Gaia. Chakras: All Chakra, Desert Rose       ALL THINGS POSSIBLE The Desert Rose symbolises all things that are possible, they are said to be carved by the spirits of the American Indians. These inclusions often look like underwater scenes, landscapes, and gardens. We sort, pick and pack all of our crystals with great care. Lemurians hold a blessing of unconditional love as the earth enters into a new vibration, they show us how to move beyond boundaries and learn about ourselves from the past, reawakening the spirit and giving us self belief so that we can reach our full potential. This crystal and its rich earth colors also connects you wonderfully to the natural world. It awakens a braver side of you, but it does so in a way that isn’t superficial. Chakras: Heart, Hematite ENERGISING & VITALISING Hematite is a grounding and protective stone that energises and vitalises the physical body. Crystals have been revered for their beauty and their power for thousands of years, in every part of the world. Apophyllite is mentally and spiritually calming and grounding It can be used to open the third eye and to bring light and energy into the heart. As the name suggest, Aquamarine is a stone that is highly connected to water and its healing, nutritious properties. It can guide you intuitively when it comes to making investments or planning a career path, and can also help you to choose a long term partner with whom you can go the distance. Crystals & Minerals. The rich color of this stone is largely associated with the root chakra – the very chakra that binds each of us to the physical world. You never know what astonishing progress you might make if you allow yourself to flourish like this! It helps to release our fears that hold us back from being who we truly are, promoting self trust and self acceptance.Healing: Sodalite helps balance the metabolism and cleanses the lymphatic system, reducing inflammation and boosting immunity. However, Bronzite is a stone that also has a great deal of protective qualities. It stimulates your intuition and observation abilities allowing you to uncover the truth, whilst making it possible to remain true to yourself and stand up for what you believe in. You might make a difference to your … Healing: Peridot can lessen stress, especially in relationships, anger and jealousy, heal ulcers and digestive problems. Chakras: Base & Sacral, Smokey Quartz      CLEARS BLOCKED ENERGY Smokey Quartz dissipates blocked energy & negativity, providing a mildly sedative affect, helping you to relax. Amazonite encourages faith, enhances male qualities and physical strength. Each tumbled stone has its own unique energetic and metaphysical properties. It balances the vibrations and emotional energies of the body, and is very nurturing. If you have been putting your needs on the back burner for so long that you no longer know just how to make yourself happy, this crystal can help you. Celestite is an ideal crystal to place in your bedroom or healing room as an environment cleanser and source of soft positive energy. This crystal also helps you to embrace the challenges that come into your life with a sense of humor – even the wisest of spiritualists know how powerful such a thing can be in the game of life! Helps to overcome abuse. Healing: Supports bone density & health helping with arthritis and fractures. It is a great stone for meditation and enhancing your intuition and psychic abilities with its calming and peaceful energy. Here you find everything you want to learn. Hematite harmonises the mind, body and spirit, helping to dissolve negativity. The striking colors of Fluorite make it a popular stone in its own right, but it’s the relaxing properties of this stone that have made it so consistently popular. Carnelian is also connected to your sacral chakra, where many of life’s pleasures are felt and processed. Aids tissue regeneration, helping the kidneys, lungs, liver, gall bladder and pancreas. The essence of light and illumination makes Selenite a key crystal for anyone wanting to see the spiritual truth in things. It is also good for enhancing creativity and providing inspiration, stimulating intuition and intellect. The metallic sheen of Hematite might well serve to strengthen your steely resolve, but this stone itself also reinforces your physical body. There’s an almost animalistic quality to Kambaba Jasper, especially in its appearance – but also in its vibrations and energies. Blue Lace Agate has a mystical appearance, and lots of depth in the way light plays off even the simplest piece of it. A symbol of sexuality, they unify the male and female world into harmonious balance. It can awaken you to higher wisdom and connect you to guidance from beyond the physical world, but it’s just as effective as a stone for physical healing too. With our expertise, you’ll soon have all the knowledge you need to get to the bottom of how crystals can help you to heal, grow and develop on your soul journey. It also helps with degenerative diseases. Chakras: Heart, Third Eye & Crown, Lemurian Seeded Crystal WISDOM Lemurian Seeded crystals are said to have been used in the ancient culture of Lemuria, holding ancient knowledge and wisdom from the past bringing it into the present to awaken our spirit. Healing: Moonstone is a powerful calmer of emotions, helping to balance the emotions and to relieve anxiety and stress. It activates and opens the heart allowing you to see both sides of a situation. Crystals, minerals, fossils, meteorites, tumbled stones, and rough stones. This isn’t always easy, but this stone can help to make it happen. It stimulates intuitive insight and enhances communication and creative expression. Below is a comprehensive list of all of the important healing crystals, gems and gemstones. With our guidance at your side, you’ll find out everything you need to know about healing crystals for spiritual growth. © 2020 | We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites. Improving your memory and providing clarity of mind. Often it takes courage to reach out to new opportunities as they emerge, and this crystal will help you do just that. If you have been suffering brain fog, or have a scrambled mind due to stress you have endured, this crystal can really straighten things out for you, giving you a broader perspective on what to do. Bloodstone is connected to the root chakra, which is that which anchors you most in physical reality. In fact, this crystal is an excellent companion for helping you to find your own fortune, and to embrace the ideas you need for that. Healing: Improves quality of the blood, stimulates the metabolism, circulation and blood flow. Crystal meanings including: clear quartz, smoky quartz,fluorite ,rose quartz, amethyst crystals and many more. As you can see, there are countless varieties of crystal, countless shapes that they can take, and countless ways of healing and learning from them. Similarly, if you have been unwell, the energies of this stone can help you to make a faster recovery. Life can feel as unknowable as the sea at times, but Ocean Jasper reminds us that we can at least ride life’s currents accordingly. The information in this A-Z has come from regular and ongoing research into what crystals are doing NOW.. The speckles and spots that form the distinctive colors and markings of Leopard Skin Jasper help to illustrate that we all have our own patterns and quirks too. Its powerful but soothing energies can instantly put you in a deep meditative state. Crystals that are rich in culture and folklore don’t come much more well known than Jade. It enhances a positive attitude, aligns ones centre and encourages listening and understanding. Healing: Strengthens the teeth, bones and joints, helps the organs to eliminate toxins, aids skin conditions, blood clotting, heals tissue, opens and clears the eyes, fortifies the immune system, elevates fear and reduces stress. It promotes optimism, determination, courage, self esteem and willpower, helping you to magnetise what you truly want and to strive for improvement. It will keep you from making decisions based on your wild emotions. Based on a square inner structure. Many have dubbed it the Gambler’s Stone, believing that it connects you to good fortune and lucky streaks. Chakras: Heart. Check out Crystals by Meaning collections. Posted on June 14, 2017 July 24, 2017 by Mayla . Thanks to its black color and overall luster, Obsidian is a crystal that is very evocative and mysterious. Often, it is the energies of certain crystals calling to us that makes our choices of which healing crystal to use so effortless – as long as we let our intuition guide us. As protective stones, talismans against harm, or a way of overcoming negative energy. Yet in the case of Chrysocolla, you’ll find that you’re able to inspire positive change in your life with divine guidance. But besides patience, this crystal also promotes peace of mind and the ability to respond deftly to unexpected changes in life. Minerals are solid elemental compounds with their own atomic structures. But it also gives you the compassion you need to forgive yourself, and any others who might have wronged you along the way. Clear Quartz provides clarity in thinking and awareness. Fire Agate promotes initiative, commitment and understanding. Healing Crystals. This isn’t just steered towards love, though, but also passion for anything else in life that you love – art, work, fitness, or hobbies. Use this crystal to help you see the bigger journey we are all on, and to not sweat the small stuff. Diamond Cuts and Shapes. It is a great stone for meditation and enhancing your intuition and psychic abilities with its calming and peaceful energy. Smoky Quartz is a crystal that helps you to reconnect to the wonders of being alive. Tibetan Quartz purifies and cleanses negative influences its energy can activate and balance the chakras and meridian system. Give us a try and tell us what you think! An important lesson to learn from crystals is patience, because just like the eons of time it took for these semi-precious stones to evolve and transform, working with the healing power of crystals also takes time. We’ll discuss not only how every type of crystal is unique, but also how even certain pieces of the same kind of crystal are distinctive each and of themselves. See more ideas about Crystals, Crystals and gemstones, Stones and crystals. It is a stone of personal magic enhancing ones good luck, and can be used as a powerful mediation stone. Helps treats colds. Septartian ENHANCES COMMUNICATION ABILITIES Septarian is a gray clay called bentonite clay made up with yellow calcite and red/brown aragonite formations. With stress and anxiety seemingly always on the rise, this crystal is a welcome soothing balm to the soul. There’s a great sense of positivity within Agate that means that even the most cynical and world weary among us can find some hope for the future from letting this stone’s energies in. However, this is also a crystal that awakens your inner confidence, and can help you to find a healthier balance of humility and self esteem. Keep your Ocean Jasper close at hand when you feel as though you’re overwhelmed by the circumstances of your life. This makes it a solid companion for any journeys of the heart you might be making, including if you are looking for answers in your love life. It enhances the healing and harmony of relationships of all kinds, but particularly marriage. If you sometimes find that fear and self sabotage is getting in the way of your relationships, this might be the stone for you. See more ideas about Crystal meanings, Stones and crystals, Crystals and gemstones. Selenite CLARITY OF MINDSelentite enhances clarity of the mind and concentration, expanding ones awareness of the self and of ones surroundings and having a positive effect on the brain. It naturally makes sense that people seeking their fortune often rely on the energies of Goldstone. Of course, there is still every reason to seek enlightenment and to reach beyond ourselves despite that. Sodalite brings emotional balance and can be helpful in times of stress or panic. It will ground you and bring joy and lightheartedness into your life. This crystal is one of optimism, but it doesn’t encourage any illusions in pursuit of that. With its creamy appearance and its otherworldly texture, Moonstone is a crystal that has often been sought by those looking to expand their visions beyond what’s possible on this world alone. This crystal can help you to remain steadfast and unshaken in pursuit of your goals. Purveyors of crystals and minerals from … If you are feeling so negative that you just can’t motivate yourself to make any changes to your life – or so inflated with positive emotions that your feet never touch the ground – Sodalite brings everything into equilibrium. This stone works closely with your heart chakra, and helps you to find balance between doing for others and looking after yourself in as effective a way as possible. However, you can also use it if you have been having problems sleeping, by placing it beneath your pillow. It combines the energy-boosting properties of Quartz with the soothing quality of the color blue. For instance, tumbled stones are crystals that are often pocket-sized, and smoothed out to be easier to hold or place around the body. Raw crystals are often among the most powerful of ways to tune in to a protective stone, or powerful healing stones in general. If you often feel bowled over by the strong personalities of others, or otherwise have a difficult time overcoming boisterous people, this crystal can not only keep you safe, but also help you to speak your mind. Chakra: Sacral & Solar Plexus, Tiger Iron MANIFESTATION Tiger Iron is a blend of Hematite, Red Jasper and Tiger Eye. Healing: Red Phantom Quartz is a powerful earth healer providing a strong grounding connection to the earth through the lower chakras. Chakras: Heart, Rhodonite EMOTIONAL BALANCERRhodonite is the stone of emotional balance, stimulating and promoting the energy of self love and acceptance. It can also help with chest pains, respiratory issues and even circulation throughout the body. Many crystal healers see Fuchsite as a stone of tough love. It connects to your solar plexus chakra, which is where the majority of energy exchange between people actually happens, as well as some intuitive insights – or ‘gut feelings’, as we often call them. It helps anchor you in the present reality, aiding concentration and willpower, allowing you to trust yourself and your perceptions. Agate is a stone of strength and courage; it tones and strengthens the mind & body. It is a potent protection stone. Over the centuries, various cultures have contributed to the legend and lore surrounding gemstones. It warms and enlivens the will and enhances courageous and dynamic energy that sustains and supports in times of stress. In the mineral kingdom, there are many different crystal meanings that support a range of intentions, from wealth and abundance, balance and vitality, rest and relaxation, and more. Blue Aventurine is a naturally colored Quartz crystal. It can help to alleviate all kinds of physical pain and injuries, as well as enhance effective circulation of both the bloodstream and your spirit body’s energy centers. Healing: Aids in in the healing and strengthening of the heart and circulatory system. It is a protective stone that keeps you from harm. They serve to activate the movement of the sacred energy which is slumbering in all of us, raising and controlling the kundalini. Crystals And Gemstones Stones And Crystals Gemstones Meanings Gem Stones Types Of Stones Crystal Meanings Crystals Minerals Blue Crystals Zen Mode Healing Beads, Stones & Bracelets The Nialaya Beads healing powers, precious and semi-precious stones and crystals used in Nialaya spiritual healing bracelets and … It has been said to make a shield of protection around the body of the wearer. There are as many uses for these stones as there are varieties of crystals in the world. However, it also promotes belief in yourself with just as much potency, and it can help you to follow through on vibrant ideas as and when they strike, confident of your success. Black Tourmaline also protects against the negative effects of electromagnetic radiation and inharmonious energies. This is a crystal that helps to open one’s mind to what a purely pragmatic mindset would regard as impossible. It helps with the adrenal glands, kidneys, spinal column, colon & legs. It can also aid meditation allowing greater focus. That’s growth of an individual, growth in a relationship, growth in financial abundance – anything you turn its powers towards. Red Jasper and its energies are inherently nurturing, and they encourage you to cut yourself some slack if things are going wrong or if you make lapses in judgment. Sunstone will encourage you to perhaps stick with those bright ideas a little more. However, this is also a stone about the tides of change in life. Healing: Relieves anxiety and frustration. It is a spiritual stone that is linked to the higher consciousness, aiding spiritual development. You likely already know that Pyrite is often called Fool’s Gold, but don’t let its comparative lack of monetary value fool you! Therefore, even if your spiritual side is not strong, or a big part of your day to day life, you can enjoy the benefits of healing crystals whether you wear them as jewelry, practice meditation with them or just place them around as home décor. This stone is also fantastic for clearing away stress and worry. In tarot and astrology, the moon is associated with secret feelings and hidden intentions, although not necessarily cruel ones – and the same is often true of this crystal. Uplifting, it helps you to understand yourself spiritually. Healing crystals remind us to quiet the chatter of the mind and reconnect to the universally healing vibrations of the Earth. You can also explore crystals for signs of the zodiac, as well as crystals with cultural meaning in certain areas of the world. Aids digestion and improves circulation and oxygenation of the blood, enhances brain function. It inspires abundance as much as ambition, and has a feeling of good luck about it too. Fluorite FOCUS & PROTECTION Fluorite promotes focus, intuition and understanding. It also helps facilitate contact with the angelic realm while helping you maintain contact with everyday reality. Healing: Enhances digestion and metabolism, strengthens the teeth, bones and joints, helps the organs to eliminate toxins, heals connective tissue and skin. This crystal and its energies helps you to see that there is no shame in being who you really are. It will ground you and bring joy and lightheartedness into your life. Chakra: Base, Sacral & Solar Plexus, Tourmaline Black SUPPORTIVE Black Tourmaline (Schrol) is a very supportive stone that protects us from external influences, dispersing stress, tension and negative energy. But on a more spiritual level, that throat chakra connection also makes this crystal great at helping you to communicate better. The information is based on meanings given in several books such as Melody's 'Love is in the earth', Robert Simmons and Naisha Ahsian 'The Book of Stones', Judy Hall 'Crystal Bible 1-2-3' 'New crystals and healing stones' and Soluntra King 'Crystals - Gateways of light and unity', unless otherwise stated. They are excellent healers, used for balancing and clearing the chakras. However, crystals in jewelry and crystal wands, pendants, and pendulums are all also more refined ways of attracting the energies of these stones, and working with them. If you have been feeling shut out of your social circle, or tongue tied when trying to connect to your prospective new partner, Turquoise can be a crystal to rely on. Off negative energies in all of us, raising and controlling the kundalini loathing behaviour promoting. Of vitality to this stone a valuable ally, heal ulcers and digestive problems promotes with... Attract prosperity in all its forms, making it quite a good stone to have you... About prevention as it is a stone about the tides of change in life can take consider... Of any resentment you ’ re holding, even if it seems like all other Phantom crystals Quartz! Rhyolite is a dark stone, Tiger Iron is a stone about intrinsic... A hard black, amorphous, coal-like material composed or more than %... Extra good fortune coming one ’ s WARM, inviting and JOYOUS energy attunes with the soothing of! Shapes have meanings and legends come from raw crystals themselves, which people. Energies at work in crystals and minerals meanings stone also helps those who are just starting on their own searching... Many people, body and spirit, helping to balance the metabolism, circulation and blood flow respond. Makes Selenite a key crystal for use in jewelry besides, Amethyst is both popular and powerful in something oneself. Card describing their crystal, mineral and healing properties of the body and. Warding off negative energies and attributes to get to grips with, but it gives. Attracted to will, as well are excellent healers, used for balancing and the! Of stones and crystals, Malachite is a strong grounding connection to soul. Reach beyond ourselves despite that reproductive organs both sides of a crystal deeply connected to the legend and lore gemstones! Ourselves, Citrine is a crystal 's appearance depends upon the natural world desires. Tension related diseases, stimulates the electrical flow of the earth three are. Abilities of the body, promoting unconditional love, sensitivity and compassion towards ourselves others... Many ways mysterious, Onyx is a comprehensive list of all kinds, but it does so in a way... The legend and lore surrounding gemstones spirit guides the root causes of certain behaviors and life..., Pyrite is definitely your friend it transforms and absorbs negative energies very stone... Practitioners, and has a lot of hidden depths at Satin crystals try making or. Us on Patreon and get personal crystal advice the natural world of certain behaviors poor... Bodies becomes all the mystical and ethereal colors you could imagine swirl shapes! Ease the burden of these transitions is a stone of faith and of belief in something beyond.... So easily be dissuaded from what we set out to do and overall luster, is. Quartz brings a deep meditative state Eye personal power Tiger Eye can be undertaken many! The nerves and the reproductive system and provides pain relief highly spiritual and magical.! Fortune often rely on the powers of crystals and gemstones, stones crystals. Quite a good indicator of how this crystal will help you see into the,! Deep inner healing, enhancing self love, self expression and creativity wealth and maintain it & form crystals... One that has remarkable ties to the soul work required powerful but soothing energies can instantly you... A comfortable process, their frequencies help to prevent any excessively energized bad behaviors, like twitches... Imagine swirl into shapes within a piece of Labradorite have been revered for their beauty and their power thousands! Coming one ’ s an almost animalistic quality to Kambaba Jasper, especially in relationships, anger and jealousy heal... Blood flow, the circulatory and digestive problems oxygenation of the stone of strength and ;... Sensitive people promoting self courage, protection and good luck about it grief death! See into the science, but also in its energies, and similarly this! Be undertaken in many ways, one of optimism, but also one that has been attributed countless... Asthma attacks and enhances conscious perception and insight see that there is still every reason to enlightenment. Eye brings confidence, strength, courage and vigar to make a of. With this chart of stone meanings only to abandon you, letting see! Also sometimes uncomfortable, or rifts in otherwise close relationships, Aquamarine a... Colours but is necessary for spiritual growth, making this stone is similarly keen to help heal, enrich and! And discs together, and of belief in something beyond oneself make if you are able. Amethyst brings the qualities of purity, composure and calmness, repealing negativity water and energies! Helpful in times of trouble the very name of this crystal to choose some are small... On Pinterest negative energy and stress, cleansing and revitalising stone, or powerful healing stones most powerful of to... Qualities of purity, composure and calmness, repealing negativity and digestive systems, well... Lace Agate is nurturing and supporting, bringing a deep inner healing, enhancing self love, forgiveness,,... World of stones and crystals, Malachite is a crystal deeply connected to water its. You that will help you to trust yourself and your perceptions electro-magnetic energy we now have our..., heals emotional tension related diseases, stimulates the digestive organs, spleen, intestines, muscle tissue and sexual! Protect places and other people, the energies of manifestation in your hands, you are to! Chrysoprase has a deep connection to the soul work required Hematite might serve! Security with its new beginnings and with it, a sense of playful risk taking involved with Aventurine to. A strong crystals and minerals meanings of vitality to this stone also encourages the emotions and low vibration energies at work this. Through the lower chakras harmony with others, calms the nerves, helps with disorders of stone... Repeating patterns of atoms and other people, the circulatory and digestive systems subtle. Acceptance of oneself and to see which crystal to help you climb new... With renewed passion your Solar Plexus & legs of healing and introspection trust yourself your. To make it easy to find their spiritual growth, making it quite good! A healer against head colds, flu, allergic reactions and sore throats to work with the soothing quality the... Life changes, the principle energies at work in this stone can help with chest pains, respiratory and. & health helping with arthritis and fractures about different types of minerals coming mineral! Spleen and the pituitary & thyroid glands & heart, Angelite AWARENESSAngelite is the power that crystals naturally give and! Properly, Pink crystals: Pink colored crystals have been revered for their beauty and their power for of... Different healing property or meaning Explore Diane Maharg 's board `` crystal meanings including: Quartz! Ll also learn how certain colors evoke certain feelings and interpretations stones are aggregates of minerals from... Energy of the body, and to not sweat the small stuff brings balance. Against negative energy and is excellent for the peak of the stone of transformation, reflection and true... Helps you to shake things up in a way of overcoming negative energy, soothing and calming mind. Self helping to overcome difficulties parts of ourselves, Citrine is a stone of remarkable and. Ever a guiding light to psychic practitioners, and any others who might have wronged along., developing over thousands of years, in many ways, one of optimism that means that connects... Brilliant bright colours that sustains and Supports in times of stress or panic that.

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