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$100 a month grocery budget reddit

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If you're used to eating beef and/or seafood on a normal basis you're probably going to spend at least $200 a month on food (probably more). The most cost-effective protein sources for our purposes are chicken, eggs, and beef. This prevents impulse shopping or the purchasing of … (Until I did the math for the purpose of this article, I didn't realize just how small that budget is.) With the help of coupons, gardening and bartering I am able to squeeze the most out of our grocery budget and still manage to have a little fun along the way. This is how I make a small food budget work in a city as expensive as Manhattan. It's not always easy to resist the siren call of items at the grocery store you simply don't need and grocery spending often takes most of an American family's budget.Whether you tend to buy low-cost or moderate-cost items, it's still worth setting out a budget every month if you're looking to save money. Thus, my focus is solely on Jeremy’s food budget. It gives me a chance to look up recipes and cook things that aren't so basic and common. If you really want to limit yourself to $100 a month successfully, you're probably going to have to spend a lot of time planning meals with sale ads from multiple stores and stacking coupons. In a situation where my food budget was extremely tight, here are the measures I would take. I try and feed my family with $100 a month. With this list of 31 of the cheapest groceries, you can easily make meals until your next paycheck—or for the whole month, if you need to! The subject at hand is how to stretch $50 to cover a person’s food for a month, not how to find more money to spend on food or how to inspect other parts of a person’s budget. I am your typical housewife living in high maintenance suburbia. 1. Here are my 5 Keys for a $100/month grocery bill: 1) Make a list: I make a list with all of the items I need beforehand. I have a handsome husband, 2 kids and a flock of pet chickens. I'm not including eating out which is around 2 times a week. First, you should make sure you're shopping at a discounted grocery store. With the $100 Diet, you'll be spending most of your grocery money on meat. When going over my expenses I realized that cutting my food budget might be a good idea… and so enters the $100 a month food budget challenge. Having a frugal grocery budget allowed us to pay off debt & buy a house in cash.We also eat real food.Our spending is low & we’ve never been healthier! Considering I maybe eat out at most three meals each week, that $100 has to get me between 60 and 80 meals each month if I am to eat three meals daily. We pretty much spend $100 a week. When wanting to buy the cheapest food and compiling a cheapest groceries list at times when your budget is tight, there really are a lot of options for making meals using the items listed above. On just $100 a month, I was able to successfully bulk up for the winter, putting on a solid 20 pounds of muscle. Plus, all of my lifts went up. I budget $500 a month for grocery for 2 adults. Pretty much oatmeal for breakfast, sandwiches for lunch, and usually chicken and rice at night. Several years ago my husband and I cut our monthly expenses in half.We randomly set a grocery budget of $400 a month for the two of us based on what we were spending. Add fish to your shopping list as your budget allows. … We usually stay under that though. DO NOT grocery shop once a month, instead give yourself a weekly budget (which will be $25/week for you) I've actually found it kind of fun to be on a budget. Lastly, I am only supporting ONE person with this grocery budget, no kids or anyone else. Whey protein is another great way to get high-quality, antioxidant-rich protein into your body quickly. D o you find it hard to stick to your grocery budget every month?

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